BadTip is a free tipping game for the awesome sport of professional badminton.

BadTip is not a gambling site! No prize money is given for correct picks, etc.

For each Super Series, Super Series Premier, World Championship, and Olympic Games tournament, you can pick who you think will be the ultimate champion of each event.

Compete against your friends and other badtipsters around the world by racking up points on our leaderboard.


1 point is given for each round your tip wins.

Bonus points are given if your tip wins the tournament. Points are calculated depending on the official seeding of the player you picked. Higher seeds are worth less points and lower seeds are worth more points.

Bonus points are distributed according to the following table:

Seeding Bonus Points
1 1 point
2 2 points
3/4 3 points
5/8 4 points
9/32 5 points

For example, if you pick Taufik Hidayat to win the Indonesian Open as a 4th seed, and he ultimately wins the tournament you will receive:

5 points (won 5 rounds including final) + 3 points (for winning tournament as 4th seed) = 8 points in total.